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2023 shows
( subject to change)

10th Camber Sands PDR
13th Seaview Haven
14th Rockley Park Haven
15th Weymouth Bay Haven
17th Sandford PDR
18th Hayling RoyalResorts
20th Berwick Haven
21st Seton Haven
22nd Reighton Haven
23rd Thornwick Haven
24th Cayton Bay PDR
27th Craigh Tara Haven
28th Haggeston Castle Haven
19th Blue Dolphinhiin Haven
30th Primrose Valley Haven
31st Barmston Beach PDR

August :
1st Heacham Beach PDR
2nd Golden Sands Haven
3rd Thorpe Park Haven
4th Monkey Tree Double
5th Newquay PDR
6th Holywell PDR
7th Cofton
8th Beverley Holidays 
9th Combe Martin John Fowler
10th Twitchen House
11th Monkey Tree
12th Searles
13th Manor Park PDR
14th Ty Mwar PDR
15th SF parks Clubhouse
16th SF parks Sun Valley
17th SF parks Jakes
18th Monkey Tree Double
19th White Acres PDR
20th Cofton
22nd Lizard PDR
23rd Sea Acres PDR
24th Sandaway John Fowler
25th Monkey tree 
26th Kilgrath John Fowlers
27th Ladys Mile
29th Ladnrum bay 
30th Widemouth John Fowlers
31st St Minver PDR 


1st Skipsea sands PDR
3rd Woolacombe Bay
4th Beverley Park
5th Golden Sands Haven
6th Thorpe Park Haven
8th Ocean Edge PDR
9th White Cross PDR
10th Lakeland Haven
11th Carla Gran Haven
12th Green Acre Haven
13th Skegness Haven
14th Nodes Point PDR
15th Lower Hyde PDR
16th Langaurd PDR
17th Burnham Haven
18th Rivere Haven 
19th Quay West Haven
20th Doniford bay Haven
22nd Sandy Glade John Fowlers 
24th Marton Mere Haven
25th Presthaven Haven
26th Hafan mor Haven
27th Kiln Park Haven
28th Woolacombe Bay 
29th Bideford PDR
30th Ruda Pdr

4th Seaview Haven
5th Rockley Park Haven
6th Littlesea Haven
7th Weymouth Bay Haven
8th Cofton
9th Woolacombe Bay 
11th Burnham on Sea
12th Riviere Haven 
13th Quay West Haven
16th Fresh water
19th Allhallows Haven
20th Devon Cliffs Haven
21st Perran Sands Haven
22nd Haylin Island Royal Resorts
23rd Searls 
25th Cherry Tree (Tots show) 
26th Trecco (tots Show) PDR
27th Golden Coast (tots) PDR
28th Lizard (Tots) PDR
30th Torloy John Fowlers


1st Seaview Haven
2nd Rockley Park Haven
3rd LittleSea Haven
4th Weymouth Bay Haven
5th Woolacombe bay

6th LadysMile
7th Monkey tree
( professor bamboozled)
7th Monkey Tree ( cabaret)
8th The Orchards Haven
9th Wild Duck Haven
10th Chur
ch farm Haven
11th Combe Haven
13th Kilgrath John Fowler
14th Hendra 

16th Highfield  PDR ( Tots Show)
17th Golden Coast 
22nd Lakeland Haven
23rd Carla Gran Haven
24th Greenacres Haven
25th Sk
egness Haven
26th Crimdon dene PDR

27th Whitley bay PDR
28th Creswell Towers PDR
29th Craig Tara Haven
30th Haggeston Castle Haven 
31st Blue Dolphin Haven

1st Primrose Valley Haven
3rd Searles
5th Marton mare Havne
6th Presthaven Haven
7th Hafan y mor Haven
8th Kiln Park Haven
9th Cofton
10th Sea acres
11th Twitchen House
16th Highfields (tots show) PDR
19hth Berwick Haven
20th Seton Haven
21st Reighton Haven
22nd Thornwick Haven
24th Woolacombe Sands
26th Burnham Haven
27th Rivere Haven
28th Quay West Haven
29th Doniford Haven


1st Monkey Tree ( Professor bamboozled)
1st Monkey Tree (Cabaret)
2nd - 17th Unavailable
18th Allhallows Haven
19th Devon Cliffs Haven
20th Perran sands Haven
21st Hendra
22nd Twitchen
24th Freshwater
25th Caister Haven
26th Hopton Haven
27th Seashore Haven
28th Summerfields PDR
29th California Cliffs PDR
30th Vauxhall PDR
31st Cherry Tree


2nd Lakeland Haven
3rd Cala Gran Haven
4th Greenachres Haven
5th Skegness Haven
7th St Ives John Fowler
9th Berwick Haven
10th Seton Haven
11th Reighton Haven
12th Thornwick Haven
13th Woolacombe Bay
14th Widemouth John Folwers
15th Hendra
16th Orchards Haven
17ths Wild Duck Haven
18th Church Farm Haven
19th Combe Haven
20th Camber PDR
21st St Margrets
23rd Woolacombe Bay
24th Woolacombe Sands
25th Ashbury Hotel
26th Tolroy John Fowlers
27th Looe Bay PDR
28th Lizrd PDR
30th Seaview
31st Rockley 


1st Littlesea Haven
2nd Weymouth Bay Haven
7th Cayton Bay (tots) PDR
8th Sandford (tots) PDR



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